Activities and areas of expertises

Whether in an advisory role or in litigation and arbitration, PH AVOCATS acts in support of our clients’ interests in every field of business law.

Thanks to our cohesive, highly responsive team, PH AVOCATS is able to offer our clients a pragmatic approach to the management of files, with a results-based culture in the following fields:

Economic and commercial disputes

PH AVOCATS supports and defends its clients before all judicial or arbitral bodies. Our firm is also experienced in the practices of conciliation and mediation.


PH AVOCATS’ lawyers endeavor to prevent litigation as much as to prepare and lead it, if necessary or inevitable, in the best interest of their clients.


They are also qualified to manage crisis or potentially risky situations for their clients with, as their primary concern, managing the consequences on the life of the company.

Competition and distribution law

PH AVOCATS’ lawyers advise their clients on confronting the numerous challenges linked to competition law (anti-trust, anti-competitive practices, restrictive competitive practices), as well as in distribution sectors (implementation of networks, e-commerce, etc.).


They support their clients in orienting their trade practices as well as in drafting commercial agreements.


PH AVOCATS’ lawyers manage disputes in these fields as well as in those of unfair or parasitic competition practices.

Real estate and construction law

PH AVOCATS provides support throughout the life cycle of a real estate project, from acquisition to construction, including relations and contracts with the various economic stakeholders, as well as rental management and the transfer of real estate assets.


Our firm has singular expertise in the management of disputes regarding construction projects, from preventive summary proceedings to litigation after reception or delivery.


Our services also include the drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to real estate projects (VEFA (sale before completion), project management contracts, commercial and housing leases and more).

Life sciences

In the health product and health-related activities market, with its constantly evolving legal framework, PH AVOCATS supports companies, as well as their partners, in the health and medical technologies sector, in all stages of product life (manufacturing, clinical evaluation, marketing authorization, distribution).


We represent laboratories marketing drugs, medical devices and other healthcare products (nutritional supplements, cosmetics, etc.).


PH AVOCATS has developed particular expertise in issues related to the distribution, promotion and advertising of healthcare products, as well as in the processing of health-related data.

Labor law

PH AVOCATS assists its clients in labor law-related issues, in the day-to-day or strategic decision-making that must take into account the complex legal constraints of the Labor Code, or in managing conflicts with employees.

Our fields of intervention are the following: drafting and negotiation of work contracts, individual or collective disputes, negotiation of exit agreements, restructuring or reorganization of companies, etc.

Intellectual property & Information technologies (IP/IT)

PH AVOCATS assists its clients with their needs in terms of advice and litigation on intellectual property (copyrights, brands, patents, designs and models, ‘know-how’).


The firm intervenes in matters of research, protection and registration of brands and other distinctive signs, as well as in negotiating and drafting contracts for operations or the transfer of rights, as well as within the context of the managements and follow up of disputes on issues of intellectual property.


PH AVOCATS’ expertise also includes matters of informational works and information technologies, in order to support its clients on issues related to e-commerce, domain names, processing of personal data, etc.

Corporate law & private equity

PH AVOCATS advises and defends companies in all stages of their life and development, be it transactions on capital or the reorganization and restructuring of groups.


The firm is also active in mergers and acquisitions involving external growth or capital investissement operations.


PH AVOCATS is also competent on issues of collective proceedings in order to support its clients confronting short-term or structural difficulties.

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